Beat Strike

by Howedo

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When the beat is right - anything can happen.....


When this type of Beat Strike, it do Me like deep lines
now move up the wind pipe, my words seep of grim lights
I dream white, all cream like, I free kites - and see them fly
turn turn to birds and see them die...
burn burn my words and see em Live

A beat strike is holographic
reach out you can touch and grab it...
watch me going hammer at it
dope tracks like a addict habit
Moab they bomb iraq wit
bundle that wit niel patrick harris
back to back with nicole and paris
Imagine that, thats quite hailrious
Quite delirous, thats the point
40 love - now match the point.
Crash the whip when the beat strike killer
Grab to keep like gripping that scrilla

Like Godzilla like beat like monster
Resurrect J Dilla at my concert
Tit for tat on a beat thats gonna
Reha, diaherra, bomber
Kama, Kazi, maser rati,
crash into a paparazzi..
splatter, matter, Ted Dibiase
let the beat strike and slam it back on me

I dont' give a fuck - what's possible or not
when the beat strikes right - l could taser a cop
Take the light from the moon and trade it with noon
thats night into day if you dumb as a spoon..

Gravitational, multinational do it to this beat
like multi vaginal....thats irrational
Facts not actual, picture me rolling on a back of an animal

got no ammo, got no guns,
But I got this beat, and got the runs
So I'mma let it run, I'mma let it hide
i'll shade the sun and let it die
and where it lie I resurrect it back alive...
then merge with me, and back to life....
Now work with me, go-going to be...the best of me

when a Beat Strike...

when a Beat Strike......

when a Beat Strike.......

when a Beat Strike.......

The Beat Strike like cobra or rocky balboa
it blowsa the toga right offa your shouldas
We told cha - warn warned cha - the beat strikes like soilders
to hands in the congo like the kings of the jungle..

Infection is fungal, take over like mongols
knock knock down your shitty wall
cry cries from the city hall
The trojan of horses is magnum ofcourse is
injection of tourists to torture your orfice.

Sick like beat when I strike the ore
minding my own as I hit the core
ignoring the fact that I need support
so Horns give me that now signals war...
Brolic one three hundred more.
chizeled guts straight shredded raw
Packing punch in pants you'll pour.
Slippery slope ass plant the floor.

i dont' give a fuck whats possible or not,
when the beat strikes right I could lie to a clock
take the spin from the Earth and put it in reverse
thats turning back time for ya'll on the verse.

raw mechanics, lure the manics
do it to this beat like sex on tantric
spit volcanic, growth organic
Verse in French you learning spanish

Spin the planets, spin the verse,
spin the beat, then spin the purp,
put it all together lay back observe
watching for patterns that will match the curve
but I curved the map, and warped the space
so bent the path and stand in place
when the song unfolds, did light years go?
I'm light years better no story untold...

When a beat strike..


released February 18, 2012
Produced and Mixed by DJ Intel



all rights reserved