by Howedo

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The first official mixtape from Howedo details the rapper/poet’s search for life’s meaning and how to cope with day to day struggles. Howedo paints a series of pictures depicting how he balances maintaining stability while finding the means to chase his dream. Confident and aggressive, Howedo transmits his lifestyle & persona with lyricism; shying from the fabrication & self-aggrandizing glory seen so often in Hip-Hop culture today.

The concept of 3LU (a.k.a. 3 L's Up) is representative of Howedo’s own mantra: Live Life Lit. 3LU symbolizes the notion of living life to the fullest while being a beacon of light in one’s own life. 3LU is the very foundation on which Howedo finds inspiration to continue to hone his craft as a wordsmith.


released May 13, 2011

Music by Mark Flesch and Tom Delay Beats
Production by DJ Intel, Mark Flesch and Tom Delay
Lyrics by Howedo



all rights reserved
Track Name: Space Bus ft. YLM
Hyper Chronic
Yes I'm on it
Vision Sonic
Omicron Andromedae
And On my song
I'm gonna fly for ya
Star clusters, nebulas
Aliens and laser guns
Terrorists of the 31st
with dirty bombs made meteors
Hybernate. Jump Hyperspace
Jumper gates with time delays
Hyphenate the L I made
thats wiperblades size L's I bake
Indicator time displays
Indicate my time displaced
Lackadais, half-amazed
half my days, i'm half awake

Take off!.....
uh uh

747 Hydrotrain
calling all the passengers
boarding on the hydroplane
serving up for snacks today
violet colored nugget trays
dinner platter - happy-face
drinks on the house - wedding day
Reach the peak of cruising speeds
Hovering 3 Ozones deep
phone home but voice mail just beep
keypad must be missing keys
feeling appeased with myself
toast to life I sip it well
Change the flight plan
I just might man
Take the light - and -
say good might man....

(Verse YLM)

Young Like Me, Howedo...
Space bus, (Space) Space Bus...

Young Like me, (Young Like me)
Howedo, (Howedo)
Space bus, (Space) Space Bus...

Bout time...uh...Yep..

Good night from another world
Night light on the lip that pearl
I just wanna see that girl
make my lips and my fingers curl
The way she pulls and roll
is like on cruise control
watch her on the totem poll
slide down slow as I lose control
She is my flight attendant
we fighting for attention
must be the left rotation
that got me thinking patience......

And I think that i am losing it
lackadais, half amazed,
half my days, i'm half awake
Take off!.....

Space bus, space, space bus...(x7)
Take off! (x7)
Track Name: Lost
Never got directions on 'real-life', wait a min...
Got my only ticket on a late meal - Catch-up in it
Half stepping all day, never fully get up in it
Half life quicker than an isotope wit lead up in it..
uh - but i'm still happy head up in it
high in the clouds, no falling - i'm flying wit it
understand i'm doing what i should..
but it don't mean i'm doing what I would
or doing what I could..
Yes! I imagine when I blow
Supersaien Flow - I might just glow
from absorbing all the lime-light
Stretching out my line tight
cuz zeros ain't lined right
I see it in my mind's eye
hienken and hindsight...
uh - oh I know that I am pushing it
Stepping to the limit
thats why I put Kush in it
I'll pull a lil Bush and false claim victory
"Mission here accomplished" but
missing all the history
Lies and decit is that martial art epitome
Flies at my feet cuz what I kick is shitting me

Oh I'm dreaming of a winning streak
Fun stuff wit linen sheets
On star and cruising speeds
Rock stars and billy jeans
Pop rocks wit silly green
Have me a hella fiend
Fade feeling hella clean...
what I said today is on time thats borrowed
counting down the seconds to the minute of the hour..
feeling like my last day of freedom and power...
time to re-elevate - re-evaluate my time real estate i'm on

What planet am I on?......

Who's time am I on?.......

Who is this I see?

Is this all you can be?

I'm gon end on an up note
i'm only down so I can feel it on the up stroke
no way to fade me wit mister clean or bar soap
Eyes wide open like i never keep my eyes close
obvious is obvious acts that I see man, side show - sloppiest
cut through the horseplay, the bullshit, the foreplay
cut throat all day - I treat my life like OJ
Catch me highway speeding up in both lanes
Guess I still be acting like my old ways
Yea I live it how I get it
but wait a minute man -homie ever got directions.....
Track Name: Passionless Christ
my Reflection
satisfaction - be content
like any normal fashion
Jesus christ i'm
missing all the passion
world gone crazy
indeed shutter island
feed me stories
feed me lies
special, unique
go live my life?

But this can't
be my life
I'm one of a kind,
so please rewind...

and we all, running out of time
trying to catch the big fish
runnign out of line...
chase big oceans
leave you high and dry
buy a big dream
Then take it for a test drive
this dream's a labyrinth
vision green like absinth
faded too much to follow my discipline
my love slipped away, into oblivion - and she's sorry
we work 9-5 - live, die by stability
work just survive, have epitphany
to wake up by the kick of inception of feeling free....

so lets rock,
I gotta whole day to roll, stay faded
under sun shades tinted in gold
be a star - like flashing lights from above
life's passing me by - so I do it for love....

I do it for love
push comes to shove,
I do it for love
shIT fits like a glove
push comes to shove
I do it for love

Uh yea
I do it for love
Uh yea
Just do it for love

And shits getting harder
Like I need to start eating smarter
Fast food nation, mental retarded
user wasting consumer products
living fashion, excessive habits
free porn, everyone fucked like rabbits
phone apps for jerk offs on the go...
neighbors jerk kids off on the loww..
Lacking decent reasonable action
fighting tooth and nail to the last man
I just want to take life on a last spin
do or die world crash in the fast lane

Look how time flys,
I live for the moment yet barely alive
searching for meaning like a throne on my side
patch up the feeling, keep it moving like a sign

I do it for love
push comes to shove,
just do it for love
shIT fits like a glove
push comes to shove
I do it for love

Track Name: L's in the Air
I reach high, grip on a star
rip on a star
super nova these bars
feed on a star
covert, inert energies, into synergy
auoras enter me, internal banter be

too much for my train to follow
my thoughts be off track, and words too
hard to swallow

Yeah I may be shallow, but you fuck wit me
i'll leave you motherfuckers sleepy hollow..

please follow...

You wallow, I get it in, get a fiend
watch me lean on a city scene, puffin green

Stay clean prestine, aqua marine
Raw sixteen served, ala cruisine

Laced up from the bass up, point my face up
I look high, weed brush my make up...
9-5 don't get me no jacob...
but still fly, on the side hustle my cake up

fuck a fade out, i'ma fade up...
you Black out, I go darth vader......
Bar none greater, bars too hard
for them hard on harters
Shots wit no chasers,

100% - the proof is that in the content
whether you be spitting the truth is not on my conscience
so will you step in the booth knowing that its your coffin
r.i.p to step to me but all i see is orphans....

comon Put your L's in the air, baby..
comon put your L's in the air....

Hear the call from the motherland
long been neverland, wish for the sky
so I fly fly peter pan

smell the breeze like heaven scent
Red in the eye - light up my amsterdam

I'm a Lion of Judah, fresh out the States
and i'm preying on Buddah...
Fresh outta papes cuz you gon need
a ruler, face over flames cuz we each got tulips...

Oh I'm like a Pilot, navigate the skys
but my clouds are violet....

Calibrate my eyes so I see my island
landing in my sights, but the slope is diamond
Feeling non-violent, cool, calm collecting
hyperdermic memories like an injection...
building up my antibody like my conviction
ready for the stars again - ignition
Track Name: 3 L's Up
Eb release and flow water
soul deceased a dough martyr
phantom, flow opera
bet i gets proper
wordsmith heavyweight
GI Jane everyday,
get mine the Tony way


Back, Back on that ebb and flow
life's rythm - stop and go
pass judgement on my own

yea..critical, like error tones
Fast life, slow lanes
got me swerving - hurricane

Oh I'm on that obama change
DC Sniper - Ya'll need
your pajamas changed....

raging from the hunger pains
paging through these younger days
got me speeding memory lane

Ambition Higher turn blindness,
black out can't find us,
max out the finest

But the ladder slip below me,
hope that I can Obie, Kenobie
no old me.....

3L's Up's

cuz I

Live life lit

Ace, me, bravo in stcatto
Smoke em if you got em is my motto
Sundial Classic-on dot like Movados
Blunt style rapper roll up like retardo...
Live life lit (3 L's)- cuz dim guys quit
I put them out like spit, like pits, I spit
I blow them out like piff, I lift my lips,
and in a cloud i'm out like vapor drips...

Never vapor with the paper tho
water with the dollar, got change like obama folks...
I ain't stopping on a comma stroke, running on this
like my motherfucking grammar broke...

my mind cold meaning cool,
calm, collected, 3 C's the rules
3 L Salute like a solider in boots
My life is my fight and i'm ready to shoot

3L's Up

Cuz I

live life lit

Tears don't roll till I see the coffin drop
I wanna play a better role and not a movie prop
I gotta chase a better goal and not a movie plot
so running on this bitch, like i dont' got coody shots
track seem so long i'm so alone
Im electron orbiting on my own...
ejection, hadron, projection acclerate
energize, level up, engage and levitate

Feeling light as a feather weight
but thoughts make the levies break
words seem to gravitate, black matter mental state,
cash cattle fill my plate, last candle blow my cake...
seen me some better days -

So wish me a well, and 3 types of hope
3 C's the Scope,
3 L salute like a solider in boots
My life is my fight and i'm ready to shoot...

3L's Up

Cuz I

live life lit