YLM & Howedo - Golden Touch

by Young Like Me & Howedo

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HOWEDO & YLM comment on the state of rap, luxary & the personal struggle to create art in spite of it all.


(Howedo Verse)

No need to look back
back against the wall
Got one way to move
thats forward
no point in regrets
said it all before
gotta paint a better
filling up the wall
Looking at my features
what am i missing?
handful of teachers
mindful of lessons
Life full of preachers
not much action
what am I suppose to do?
with no guidance....
I'm reminded
of an island
I've drifted so, far apart from
I will find it,
dot and line it
hands on deck as I grip the fulcrum
Life is blinding, I ain't hidin
tell that bitch to come and find me
I'm a lion, just surviving
gotta find my pride and fit the fight in...
I've been alive, telling myself everyday i'm high
Living in the past like tryna to live twice
Feeling on my life like what is this like?
like velvet valore, peanut butter guts and flashy decor
see about a fuck I can give you some more..
leave it up to luck - i don't think so no more...
no more no more half decent, half eaten
Beasting vegans,
I'm breaching, lines of insanity
mind of a better me, just so recent
So sure So sure, i'm geeking, heat seeking,
Lightening breathing
I'm seeing, rap pers and vanity,
laughers in front of me, will get eaten...


released February 6, 2012
Beat created produced by araabMUZIK, appeared on the (awesome) "Electronic Dream;" "Golden Touch' by YLM & HOWEDO was mixed by DJ Intel



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