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by Howedo

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Howedo collaborations and features on YLM Mixtapes


released May 17, 2011

Instrumental selection by YLM
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Track Name: Mass Reveal ft. Howedo
Look with your eyes, See with your mind
revealing surprise, see what you find
living lies, you accept as the wise
I surmise, we the son and the slave of the sky
see our demise through the eyes of
egocentric design...
I'm on that,
ancient eyes seeing stars in the sky
reaching high - recording past tense - intense as the fire, test to survive - witness odd shapes hovering by
they called it sky people, sky men, intelligent guys....


But all that shit was a fraud,
lack of understanding like a stack of magic cards
primitive tools to match minds in the same regard
Jesus christ was a young Jean Luc Picard

Ha Ha

Ancient pyrimads reaching for the heavens
And only from Heaven can you see the whole lesson
But u can see the message if u leave ur mind crescent
Reminder of a chapter in a mind thats evenescent

So mass reveal the mass we feel
Let it settle like a package deal
the packet sealed
The fact is real - we lack the skill
Lying through the lens of mass appeal
A Mass to kill...

Mass Reveal...
The mass we feel
Mass Reveal
The mass we feel
Mass Reveal
The mass we feel
Let it settle like a package deal
the packet sealed....yea...Howedo!
Track Name: Pluto(Goldeneye Remix) ft. Howedo
(Verse - Howedo)

Feel the sun ray cutting through black clouds above me
Blind in the eye of the storm but now lovely
I against I, In life we both hungry
why I ask why we fight, its getting ugly
worst comes to worst my ppls come first
my peoples dilated, violate who comes first
see my darker days push by in a white hearse
Brighter eyes burn fire, shine a sun burst.
Track Name: On My Level D Price List ft. Howedo
Live fast and
die young
Be the best
like Dylon
Leave the rest
and pile on
cheese and cake
I'll die on..
a piece of pap
I'll fight on
buy T and A's
well right on..
You Make it rain
I dry off
im off the train
you jumped on..
and in my lane
I'm pass gone
faster than
your sidearm

fire your brain, hire a crane
drop in a chain and seal with platinum...
he packs XLs - you pack magnums
Better than A, Better than B
Better than C - but nobody better than me...

Its the same reaction, like everybody pack guns and shooting at the next one
The bodies don't add up.

It ain't hard to smith and wesson - if everybody gets one - and shooting at ur backbone
nobody will get up.

(So I -)
stick to the words that hang like a tree
Kick to the curb, the herb wit the seeds
work wit the purp, that bang like the beat
hang wit the birds that stick to the leaves
(Ha Ha Ha)

my team hold me down, i'm down for my team
dreams call me now, a head full of steam
back with a vengance - blacked out the theme
(Ha Ha Ha)

fact of the matter is that I see
too many rappers act like a G
talk about how they blew a couple Gs
(Ha Ha Ha)

How's that music its bullshit to me
handful of rappers kosher to me
rest ya'll faggots actors to me...
Track Name: Get FernGully ft. Howedo

Ever since my first breath, first steps, burst reps
Bursting with stunt out bars, you ain't heard yet
Let me just show ya'll broads how I get wet
pussy glazed L's, bubble berry just to get set
Think fast, talk past, slow path mind sets
I get so dead, my sickness no contest
ya'll feed the dead, ur fans are straight zombies
Mindless at best, and shop abercrombie

ninja, I'm patient
Blacked out the cadence
Shoot out star shaped bars
And catch lions.
Maybe I'm lying
But not like ur lying
Half the shit u boast
I'm not buying..

Watch me ion,
electrons firing
pirate my mind
found the treasure thats hiding

The game not inviting
I'm not even fighting
remember I'm ninja
I climbed up the siding


My Team ready steady
to freddy the next maybe
so maybe ur next baby
ur baby will sex me crazy
why lately she all swayze
pass to the left
and keep it moving young lady

Spitting that Red light and District 9 shit
futureristic, stick shift, switch my mind shit
My lips hid the secrets, that make my lines hit
Dropped into limbo
and waited for 9 kicks...
Track Name: Anti-Trust Laws ft. Howedo
Money Money everybody chasing money
but the chase is getting ugly
and the ugly sitting pretty
its silly how we just chilly
doing shit and dilly dally
not thinking about the balance
1% too much a challenge
So we move and we grind
move your two and rewind
pay your dues get in line
play your cool read the signs
fate improved with your wine
hate the truth pick your lies
play the cube, pick your tie
play the fool, tricked for life

Money Money
don't you see all that money?
Do you see it from the top?
do you see it from the bottom?
Cuz the top is like got em
and the bottom is like fuck em
and the middle lets cut them
we drowning while they be boating

spend a few, spend a lot
What to choose?

I save a few, pay a lot
What's to choose?

cheat a few, scheme the pot
whats to lose?

American dream made in
china like boots....

Bootleg Slum american dream
Red and blue, white theme
on a rude awakening
all too likely - to lose your white T
and bruise your wify over something like cheese

So we do what we do
we do the have to, they do the want to
we screwed beyond view
They cruise and rear view
We bruise our rear blue
deduce the one two
not lose the one truth